Monday, August 14, 2017

Access to my Spreadshirt and DesignbyHumans accounts has been fixed!

After over a year of not finding the time I started one by one trying to log in and check the status of, and changes to, all of my POD (Print on Demand) websites.  I had mentioned that I had some trouble and my cafepress store seems to have disappeared without a trace, but since Cafepress seems to be a very bad company for artists to work with I'm not that concerned. I say good riddance. Artist shouldn't work with them for pennies.

Years ago I had multiple domain names and several different topics, but after I had to face reality that being a starving artist wasn't helping me reach my art and non-art goals (like being about to have a dedicated space to paint and to work on art, a place to have flowers and veg. and one day not having to pay rent.) among other noteworthy and not extreme goals, so I had to get a regular job and cut back on my freelance work.

On the weekend I went to visit a town three hours away by bus to look at cheap land without services that might actually be something I could pay off in a year and actually build a small place on at least for the weekends or vacations. I hope to hear back from my contacts soon.

As per my post topic, I've finally reestablished access to my Designbyhumans and Spreadshirt accounts. Neither of them were big selling accounts, but I have trouble forging ahead with image updates knowing that I had the wrong email address set for them for a domain that I let expire and wouldn't be able to get an update password email message for.

I am excited about changes and look forward to getting my images on new products and on these sites that only have a handful of artwork. I admit it is a little relaxing knowing that I'm down to only one art domain name and don't have to worry about expensive needs for more sites. Would I go back to multiple sites? I suppose if I go freelance one day and have the time I might, but probably no more than three domains even then.

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