Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Removed two sites from my sidebar links

I've noticed that a lot has happened in the last year and a few months or two years if you count my previous full time job.

In January the Untappedsource closed its virtual doors so I no longer have art prints available there.

I started checking and updating the accounts that I had only uploaded a few images to and tried to make sure that my email address is set as the one I normally use instead of one of my old domains I have no access to.  I've (hopefully temporarily) lost access to my Spreadshirt account since I can't change passwords due to not having the domain I had signed up with to get a new password. I've contacted support and hoping they'll see the light and fix this issue.

I don't know when it happened, but a site that people were talking about, bluecanvas, appears to now be a site in an asian language, perhaps Chinese and their most recent post in Facebook is from 2015 (around the time I was looking for a full-time job to start saving) I haven't found any news related to it and I was only testing it with a few images.

I've been able to access most of my other POD (print-on-demand) sites and all but the last one I was testing Designbyhumans seems to be unable to let me update the email address. It says it is updated, but the information doesn't change so I don't want to upload more to the site until I get that fixed.

I noticed that both Redbubble and Society6 have more products so I spent some time on the weekend updating my javascript that resizes files and creates image descriptions to make the new sizes for new products. I of course still have to run them on my artwork which of course would take days, but if I worry about everything I have to do all at once, I'd probably just have a panic attack and not do anything at all.

I want to update my zazzle stores, but as always I'm behind on updating my templates and I'm still hoping for a better way than to have to run 4 or 5 custom sets entering a CAPTCHA every time and entering the same description, etc. just to get images on products.  I am a little sad regarding its changes I used to earn a payment almost every month and now I'm not sure what is going on.

Well I did have an account with a few things at cafepress, but after their decision to drop marketplace sales to 5%, I stopped uploading and I only had a few images up. I can't seem to get into that account if it even exists.

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