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All about me...


The Internet isn't really the place to get to know me, my passion for art and design how I really am or my hobbies.


I'm a unique individual just like you so really, if you want to get to know the real me, work with me on a project or at least offer me a coffee sometime to talk in person (you know, before we all turned into Internet zombies :-P)


I'm really excited about my work and opportunities, and a little perfectionist. That is probably my biggest strength and weakness. I can spend hours working on small details, but it does make a difference even if I get a little stressed. Nothing is really perfect, but it is nice when things line up like they should and the colors look nice in a layout because you decided to take the time to fix them.


I like to travel especially to parks, gardens, historical sites and anyplace with an interesting culture. I love to visit museums with friends. I prefer going out in small groups. I'm not much for noise. I'd rather not spend the night in a loud disco. If I can't communicate, I'll get bored.


I love coffee with a friend, reading in bed, singing (yes, I love to sing), bike riding, gardening, having tea while listening to the rain and my favorite foods are pizza, lasagna, mole de olla, vegetable soups and salads and tinga de pollo.   I don't like nuts, organ meat, ceviche, garbanzos, fava beans, cilantro or papaya.




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