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What can I do based on one image?


Cactus Garden







Monochrome Effects

The use of a single color and the optional use of textures can change the mood of an image from modern to vintage to antique.


The mood of an image can change the impression a presentation gives or it can make it go from good to great since the artwork will better support the concept.

Painterly Effects

I always enjoy being able to simplify an artwork to outlines and strokes.  Plain photos often are too busy or due to lack of control they are blurry.

The use of beautiful painterly textures and simple outlines help us enjoy a work that otherwise might be boring or throw away.

Abstract Effects

Often we get so used to normal photos that they lose the effect we'd like to achieve especially since abstract art has become the counterpoint to realism painting in recent decades.

Abstract images go well with minimalistic and geometric graphic design and architecture.

Kaleidoscope Effects


They take more work to do than many abstract effects, but with attention to detail and an artistic eye, a kaleidoscope based on a photo or other artwork can become a stunning focal point to a presentation, design or an empty wall!

A kaleidoscope can have multiple repeating segments that overlap in different ways making endless possibilities in number of sides and image samples.


It is also extremely useful to have patterns that match the colors present in a photo.


The use of one or more patterns as a background or border element can make the document more colorful and more interesting.


The selective use of patterns can draw the viewers eye toward the most important areas.





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