Without art, the world would be a very boring place and without art graphic design would only be typography.


Visual art makes us feel good. It is a way to share beauty and be expressive.


I love creating art and I hope you'll love buying my creations. Most of my images took several hours of work to create and more to get them Online for sale.



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Floral Art

The use of a single color and the optional use of textures can change the mood of an image from modern to vintage to antique.


The mood of an image can change the impression a presentation gives or it can make it go from good to great since the artwork will better support the concept.


I'm passionate about flowers and plants. I think they are amazing and I'm happy to capture them in art.


Animal Art

We love our pets and we even keep animals at Zoos. I can help you capture photos and create unique artwork of your dog, cat, hamster, etc. ... even your iguana.

I took a photo of Bruno the iguana while visiting a friend. Bruno was stolen a few months later. Thankfully I had a retouched photo available.

This version has a glowing effect applied to it.


Digital Portraits & Photo  Retouching

We often want a portrait to send to family or post on the Internet to share with friends.

I can take your photo and edit it by enhancing highlights and shadows, removing blemishes and I can adjust colors.

For a more artistic look, I can add a painterly oil or watercolor texture.

If you have an existing photo, I can edit it, but it should be high resolution for good results.

I can colorize and remove cracks or stains from a scanned image, but again please scan or take a photo of your old photo with as many megapixels as possible.




They take more work to do than many abstract effects, but with attention to detail and an artistic eye, a kaleidoscope based on a photo or other artwork can become a stunning focal point to a presentation, design or an empty wall!

A kaleidoscope can have multiple repeating segments that overlap in different ways making endless possibilities in number of sides and image samples.


I love to draw and paint using both traditional as well as digital methods. I really like the control that exists when painting and drawing digitally since I can use layers and also make color adjustments as I work.

Abstract Images

Sometimes you want to have something that lets your imagination run wild.

Abstract images with their focus on shapes, lines, and color let you see what comes to you and it can go with a wide variety of spaces as well as graphic and web design.  I can make abstract images for your projects or integrate them in assigned graphic and web design projects.


Art Services

  Retouching to remove blemishes, dust spots or objects

  Color & contrast adjustments


  Digital Portraits

  Integration of digital artwork in graphic design

  Repair of old photos (using scanned image)

  Graphic Design

  Simple illustration or vectorization of objects.
  (like objects on the about me page or the "me" you see on many
    pages here!)

  Creation of custom graphics based on your original photo or
     scanned drawing.

  Creation of orderable products using your digital image.





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