Saturday, August 19, 2017

Are you spending your time (and money) according to what is important to you?

I am the last person to presume to have it all figured out.  I am jealous of those who seem to have everything just right and perfectly clean clothes and a perfectly organized room.

My brain doesn't work that way. I get easily distracted, but I have learned that if you can't micro-manage your time, you can manage your time according to priorities.

A friend was asking for advice for what I'd do if I had an extra 150,000 pesos. I told him I'd put about 5000 in cash, 95,000 in CETES (Mexican version of T-bills) and the rest of it in half of a US based broad market ETF and half in a Mexican market based ETF.

Most people in Mexico do not invest. There is great mistrust of banks in general as well as of the government so people don't save much except for very short term goals and often equate investing with gambling or day-trading which it shouldn't be if you are doing it right.

He wanted me to recommend companies, the best companies, for his new hypothetical stock portfolio and I told him that I didn't have time nor the desire to pour through financial reports, etc of companies to make that kind of list. Why do that when I can buy funds that invest in many companies and spend my time and energy on other things? He seemed surprised and I don't think he really believed me. He thinks that's my thing, what I like.  Investing for me isn't stock picking and it definitely isn't currency speculation or any other form of gambling. I just want to be prepared for the future, don't you?

Just as I don't prioritize time to research companies (and probably never will), I don't prioritize going out to get drunk or many other things people love doing. It is my choice.

I might not be wired to be able to program every minute of every day, but I can prioritize what is important to me.

Are you spending your time doing things that help you reach what you truly want out of life or are you just following the crowd?

My challenge to you is to meditate on where you want to be in 5, 10 and 25 years and write it down.
After a few days get the list out go though it and set realistic and concrete goals to reach one of them.

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