Hi everyone, sorry for the mess. Since I've been busy translating full time for the last 6 years, it didn't make sense for me to renew my hosting at Bluehost at full price just to have a few fancy things on a website that I rarely have time to update (I also have to update all my artwork on the print on demand sites they are sold on which feels like a never ending process as I need to upload new files for different products at different sites), so I'm testing free hosting options.

I still have my regular blog. with the blog prefix. I'm not planning on messing with that! I even carried it over from the previous domain three years ago.

Anyway, I'm Christopher.  I work and live in Mexico City, and I've been here since 2001. My dream as pretty much everyone in real life knows is to have my own place where I can have a garden and some fruit trees and be able to relax a little. (and make artwork using my future garden!) Unfortunately living in one of the largest cities in the western hemisphere makes land extremely expensive and even the yards for the homes of the rich are very small and I still haven't been able to afford an apartment with a balcony so I've expanded my thoughts to looking for a place to build a modest (quite small in American terms) home with a large garden near a small town where I'll finally have space to garden, paint, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mexico City. It is just too expensive to buy a home. Even a tiny condo without a balcony in a poor neighborhood would require at least a 15 year mortgage to pay off supposing my income never drops and I put around 60% of my income towards payments which would mean I'd have no money for medicine, new clothes, and forget ever going out until my nephew is ready to go to college. Slightly lower payments for 30 years sounds even worse.  The idea of getting a place that I wouldn't enjoy and paying it off until I'm old enough to quality for senior discounts doesn't make sense.

I know for those of you who live in the United States it might be shocking that I've always shared apartments to make ends meet, but that is life here in the city so I've never had a dedicated space for creating work and storing supplies. That's the main reason why I rarely paint or draw by hand.

I do my art and design work where I do translations (when I take work home), on my computer in my bedroom.

I've of course been working full time and towards my goal. It isn't easy and it has taken away from my art creation and uploading time, but that's the sacrifice I have to make to have a somewhat stable and hopefully secure future.

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